Faced with rising drug overdose deaths, states like Arizona have focused on limiting the number of opioid pills doctors can prescribe. But now some worry the new rules are creating another crisis — and patients are becoming collateral damage.
More Coverage Of Arizona's Opioid Epidemic
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Lost Lake Music Festival last year drew more than 45,000 fans to Steele Indian School Park in Phoenix. Ahead of this year’s version, organizers have announced they’re cancelling the event.
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There are undoubtedly a lot of factors the Diamondbacks would consider when deciding about a potential new place to play, but if some other cities are a guide, the stadium itself may not necessarily be the only big consideration.
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The U.S. House is scheduled to take up two immigration reform bills this week, and both of them have DACA recipients — the so-called Dreamers — at the center. The Dreamers have the option of pursuing higher education or serving in the military.
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The Bachelor places one man in a resort-like mansion with 30 young women vying to find love and matrimony. The program is full of drama, emontions and a lot of drinking. So who wouldn’t want to try out to be a contestant?
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KJZZ producer and festival goer Amanda Luberto attended the first Lost Lake Festival last year. She thought this festival would be “the one" — but this year's event was cancelled. She shared her disappointment on The Show.
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National Park officials have asked people at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon to limit their water usage as crews work to fix a pump that supplies the water.
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The U.S. lags behind other countries in workforce participation because more opioids are prescribed in this country, says a report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
South Korea's men's soccer team tried to confuse scouts from Sweden's team by swapping jerseys so their opponent couldn't tell the players apart. But could a strategy like that actually work?
The president wants a "separate but equal branch" of the military to watch over the final frontier, but only Congress can make it happen.
Apple says it's working with a startup to automatically share the locations of iPhone users with 911 operators in an emergency. Only 911 centers will have access to the information, Apple said.
Homosexuality isn't illegal in Egypt but human rights groups say other laws have been used to target LGBT Egyptians. "Prison killed me. It destroyed me," says an Egyptian woman jailed after a concert.