When we think about family caregivers, we often think about people who are actively providing care. But what is life like for those caregivers when their loved one passes away or is placed in a memory care facility?
Learning About 'Ambiguous Loss' Helps Some Caregivers Cope With Grief
We’ve all done it. Driving in circles over and over to find the perfect parking spot. Sometimes it seems like there aren’t enough spaces to go around. But it turns out a full 10 percent of the city of Phoenix is just parking lots.


Mexico Apologizes For Death Of 2 Students
The Interior Minister apologized to the families of two students who were fatally shot to death by soldiers and falsely accused of being hit men.
8 hours ago
Phoenix Area Aid Groups Do Test Run Of Day Shelter For Migrant Families
Groups helping migrant families released in the Phoenix area by immigration authorities joined forces on Friday to do a test run of a temporary day shelter, where they took in about 130 people.
9 hours ago
Tuition Will Increase At Arizona
Arizona’s largest public university announced Friday it is raising tuition each year by less than three percent for resident undergraduate students over the next decade.
9 hours ago
Sonoran AG: Journalist’s Work Not At Play In Murder
State authorities say that the reporting of a Sonoran journalist was not at play in his murder last week. Without going into detail, they are saying that the motive had to do with personal relationships, not Barroso’s work as a radio host and columnist.
BLM Finalizes Impact Study On Proposed Goodyear Road To Mobile
The city proposed a two-lane parkway connecting the community of Mobile to the rest of Goodyear, which annexed the area in 2007.

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Cardinal Ricardo Ezzati faces charges of covering up multiple claims of sexual abuse in Chile's Catholic Church. Pope Francis has named Monsignor Celestino Aos Braco as a temporary replacement.
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Helicopters were being used to evacuate some of the vessel's 1,300 passengers after its crew issued a mayday call on Saturday amid engine problems, high seas and strong winds.
As the floodwaters from Cyclone Idai have started to recede, the death toll has begun to rise dramatically across Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi.
NPR's Scott Simon speaks with the Virginia Republican about the Russia investigation.