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Construction will begin Sunday on a controversial plan for a railway connecting the main tourist attractions across southern Mexico.
7 hours ago
Number Of Kids With Health Insurance Declines Since 2016
More American children did not have health insurance last year than the year before — specifically, an estimated 276,000 more. This is the first case of decline in nearly a decade.
8 hours ago
Deadline Set For Colorado River Deal
Water managers from across the Colorado River Basin are wrapping up their conference in Las Vegas this Friday. Luke Runyon of KUNC in Colorado is there covering it and joined The Show to talk about it.
8 hours ago
Water Conference Gathers Leaders From U.S., Israel
The United States and Arizona Chambers of Commerce hosted a conference this week in Phoenix looking at what organizers call “corporate water stewardship.”
8 hours ago
Population Growth, Tied To Annexations, Tied To Power
Queen Creek, Buckeye and Florence saw the largest population increases this year, according to new figures from the state's Office of Economic Opportunity.
9 hours ago
Top Federal Official Gives States Deadline To Pass Colorado River Drought Deal
Water leaders throughout the West now have a hard deadline to finish deals that would keep the Colorado River’s biggest reservoirs from dropping to deadpool levels.
AZ Wellness Industry Prepares For Legal Hemp, CBD
President Donald Trump is expected to sign an $867 billion Farm Bill into law next week. Among many other things, the bill legalizes industrial hemp, and hemp-extracts like CBD oil.
1 hour ago
Future Of Mexico’s Energy Reforms Uncertain Under New President
Mexico's energy reforms opened up a new market for gas stations owned by private companies. But the new president has opposed the changes, putting the future of the country’s energy reforms into question under the new administration.
Mexico Lays Out Plans For $8 Billion Oil Refinery
5 hours ago
Study: Companies Prefer Water Quantity Over Quality
As Colorado River water users meet in Las Vegas, a nonprofit research firm says corporate America sees water scarcity as a significant risk. Water quality, however, is lower on companies' radar.
Conference Addresses Threat Of Medical Device Hacking
We all have passwords for our email or online banking accounts, and we take precautions to avoid having our computers or other devices hacked. But, what about insulin pumps and pacemakers?
Mexico Will Pump $30B Into Central America To Slow Migration
The Central American Full Development Plan launched by the Mexican government would benefit Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador over the next five years. Mexico is actively pursuing the United States’ participation in the initiative to slow migration.
Mesa Creates Plans For Affordable Housing
Mesa may have roots as a small Mormon settlement. But today, it’s the third largest city in the state with nearly half a million people living in it. Needless to day, it has grown a lot. But housing costs there have also gone up at the same time that families have gotten poorer.
What The New Farm Bill Means For AZ Ag, SNAP Program
On Wednesday, the nation’s agriculture industry let out a sigh of relief with the passage of the 2019 Farm Bill — it's now headed for President Donald Trump’s desk for his signature.
Does The Affordable Care Act Keep Costs Down?
The Show looked at the issue of cost containment or, in plain English, trying to keep health care costs down — or at least from going up too much. It was one of the aims of the ACA, but research suggests that might not be happening.
Phoenix Votes Down Rate Hike, Postpones Arena Deal
The city council yesterday voted down a proposed water rate increase, although Mayor Thelda Williams says she plans to bring the issue back before the council.
The Takeaway: Huawei Investigation Adds New Strain On Tech And Trade Wars
Canada, China, and the U.S. are at the center of an international crisis that hinges on trade, technology, and concerns about espionage.
Valley Trucking Company Caught In CA Recycling Sting
Investigators arrest the owner of a Glendale trucking company suspected in a California recycling fraud sting.
Suns CEO Says Team Wants To Stay In Phoenix
“Our commitment, 100 percent, is to stay in downtown Phoenix, to come to a resolution with that,” said Jason Rowley, the team’s president and CEO.
How Does The U.S. Fare In Food Sustainability?
In the report called Fixing Food 2018, researchers used what they call the Food Sustainability Index to measure how countries are doing when it comes to the three biggest challenges our global food system faces: food loss and waste, sustainable agriculture in the face of climate change and nutritional challenges.
Trump Administration Moves To Roll Back Water Standards
Yesterday, the Trump administration announced a major roll back of clean water regulations. The new proposal would severely limit the federal government’s protection of some U.S. waterways — including lakes, streams and wetlands.
Phoenix City Council To Vote On Water Rate Increase
Phoenix residents could pay more for water starting in February. The City Council is expected to vote on Wednesday on a proposal to raise water rates by 6 percent each of the next two years.