Former World Leaders Speak At Peoria High School

By Casey Kuhn
Published: Thursday, October 15, 2015 - 5:50pm
(Photo by Casey Kuhn - KJZZ)
Vicente Fox addresses a group of Peoria High School seniors.

Three former world leaders, including former Mexican president Vicente Fox, spoke to a group of Peoria High School seniors Thursday on leadership and world affairs.

Fox opened his speech in Spanish, which was met by cheering in the high school crowd. He spoke about Mexican and American relations and gave advice to the students on how to find leadership within themselves.

“You just have to have purpose and commitment and passion for what you do,” Fox said to a rapt crowd.

He was one of three speakers Rep. Tony Rivero, R-Peoria, brought to his alma mater.

“This was a great opportunity for Peoria High School students who are ready to graduate to hear from the leaders who started at the bottom and made it all the way to the top with hard work,” Rivero said.

The other two speakers were former Pakistan Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz and former head of the Mossad, Shabtai Shavit. They also spoke on how to address violence in the world.

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