Phoenix City Council Approves City-Issued ID Cards

By Casey Kuhn
Published: Wednesday, August 31, 2016 - 7:41pm
(Photo by Casey Kuhn - KJZZ)
An example of what a Phoenix municipal ID could look like.

In a 5-4 vote Wednesday the Phoenix City Council approved city-issued photo identification, available to any resident – even those who are undocumented.

Places like New York and Los Angeles have similar municipal identification.

The I-D cards could not be used for things like employment, health insurance or voter registration, but could be used as a library card or secondary form of identification. It would cost residents $30.

Councilman Jim Waring voted against the ID card.

“I wouldn’t even understand why a citizen who has a social security card, a driver’s license, a state ID, would need this card unless they really wanted an expensive library card that isn’t going to help them in a police situation,” he said in the meeting.

Supporter Viri Hernandez says the city identification is a symbol of inclusion for those who don’t have a valid government ID.

“It’s a validation of everyone in the city of Phoenix who has been excluded for several years, who does not feel part of the community, now are getting a clear message that they are part and they are welcomed,” she said.

The cards are slated to roll out in February 2017.

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