Lawsuit: Arizona State Board For Charter Schools Violated State Law For Lack Of Formal Rules

By Casey Kuhn
Published: Friday, October 14, 2016 - 7:35am

The Arizona State Board for Charter Schools is being sued by two charter schools. The schools claim the board’s lack of written rules has made its actions illegal.

The new set of written rules for the Charter School Board policy is 50 pages long. The policy includes many new or amended sections.

Currently, the board uses guidelines rather than formal rules to take actions on charter schools, like revoking a charter.

The lawsuit, brought by two charter schools in March, says guidelines aren’t enough, and in fact it is illegal for the board to take action without formal written policy. The board had previously denied a request by the two schools.

Board director Whitney Chapa said the board’s rules, filed earlier this month, address some issues brought forward by the lawsuit.

“The proposed rulemaking that was filed by the board last week puts in place the board’s existing processes for implementing its statutory requirements and amends some of the existing rules," said Chapa.

The ongoing lawsuit asks that all previous actions made by the charter school board be voided, and considered illegal under state law.

The public can comment on the new rules until Nov. 29, when a hearing will take place at the Arizona State Board for Charter Schools.

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