7 Candidates Fight For South Phoenix School Governing Board

By Casey Kuhn
Published: Wednesday, October 26, 2016 - 5:05am
(Photo by Casey Kuhn - KJZZ)
Roosevelt Elementary School District serves more than 9,000 students.

The Roosevelt Elementary School District went $5 million dollars over budget because of what officials say was a budgeting error two years in a row. The district overestimated how many number students went to Roosevelt schools and now must pay the state back money it received for those non-existent students.

The board cut 33 administrative positions to compensate for overspending.

Now, seven candidates are running for three board member seats. Two are incumbents.

Roosevelt Education Association President Nancy Schwartz thinks residents saw the problems under previous board leadership.

“Budget difficulties that the district recently experienced, that caused a lot of people to take note. Many of them thought one thing to do would be to step up and help the community by running for a position.”

Schwartz says she welcomes fresh faces on the board, especially after the past money woes.

“One of our biggest concerns has been that they just take things at face value. Decisions don’t have to be made right away. Let’s do our homework, let’s make the best decision.”

Roosevelt also had problems in September when bus drivers called in sick, leaving students stranded.

The predominantly Hispanic district has 19 schools with more than 9,000 students.

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