Get Your Christmas Tree At The Tonto National Forest

Published: Monday, October 30, 2017 - 5:05am

Christmas trees are up for grabs in the Tonto National Forest. Well, kind of. Permits to cut down a tree go on sale today.

Twenty-five hundred permits are available. You have to buy the permit in person at ranger stations or the supervisor’s office. Permits cost $15 and are sold first-come, first served. If you’re in fourth grade, however, a permit is free. That’s due to a special federal program (although you need to bring a parent or guardian with you).

Any species of tree is allowed to be cut, up to 10 feet. The tree has to come from a designated cutting area; permit buyers will get a map of those areas.

Officials warn tree cutters to be ready for any surprise bad weather at high elevations.

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