Hermosillo Bureau

Murphy Woodhouse (left to right), Michel Marizco, interim Rio Salado College President Kate Smith and Kendal Blust.

KJZZ's Hermosillo Bureau

KJZZ’s Fronteras Desk has expanded into northern Mexico with the creation of a new Business Desk that focuses on the fast-growing market between Arizona and Mexico. The bureau opened with the partnership of the Universidad Tecnológica de Hermosillo, a college in the state capital that specializes in engineering, aeronautics and energy.

The Hermosillo bureau focuses on the rapid expansion of trade between Sonora and Arizona, the growing overseas shipping industry on Sonora's shores and the impacts that this is having on the U.S.-Mexico border and on Arizona.

The Hermosillo Bureau supplements the reporting of our Fronteras Desk team across the Southwest, especially in Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Tucson.

One of Sonora’s largest unions has called off a threatened July strike after a number of its demands were met.
After a nearly 18 percent duty was imposed on imported Mexican tomatoes in early May, some worried that imports would drop and prices would rise.
Jun. 20, 2019
A binational Border Hub program is hosting a forum in Sonora, Mexico, Friday to help local journalists bolster their investigative reporting skills. The project is meant to give Mexican journalists tools to safely fight corruption and support transparency in the border region.
Jun. 19, 2019
The United States is expanding a program that has sent thousands of asylum seekers back to Mexico while their cases are processed in immigration court. Now, Sonora, Mexico will start receiving some of those asylum seekers in the coming weeks.
Jun. 19, 2019
Govs. Doug Ducey and Claudia Pavlovich traded friendly compliments at the last meeting of the Arizona-Mexico Commission. But they’ve since had to confront a host of national political issues.
Jun. 19, 2019
In letters sent to Mexican and American officials, Sonora and Arizona’s governors asked each countries’ leaders to ratify the renegotiated NAFTA deal, known as the USMCA.
Jun. 19, 2019
A high-ranking Mexican senator is warning his American counterparts that an unresolved tomato dispute could imperil the renegotiated NAFTA — or USMCA — deal.
Jun. 18, 2019
Phoenix soccer fans will be able to watch a professional soccer team from Sonora, Mexico, play live on TV for the first time this season.
Jun. 17, 2019
As part of a recent deal, more Central Americans seeking asylum in the U.S. will be returned to Mexican border cities. One Sonoran city mayor said it would need help if they’re sent there.
Jun. 13, 2019
Nature reserves provide a safe haven for wildlife that’s an essential part of recovering the diminishing northern jaguar population. But it takes more than protecting isolated reserves to ensure jaguars’ long-term survival. That’s why some conservationists are putting their focus on securing jaguar corridors in northern Mexico.
Jun. 12, 2019
The Department of Public Safety is sending resources to the Arizona-Mexico border after bloody shootouts left nine dead in two Sonoran cities. But one Sonoran official doubts there will be much for them to do.
Jun. 12, 2019
Entrepreneurs from both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border will work on developing tech solutions at a startup event in Tucson this weekend.
Jun. 11, 2019
Two Mexican border cities just across from Arizona were rocked by violence Monday afternoon.
Jun. 11, 2019
A U.S. judge has ruled against Mexican tomato growers who were looking for relief from new duties.
Jun. 7, 2019
Wednesday marked the 10-year anniversary of the tragic ABC Daycare fire in Hermosillo, Sonora, the Mexican state to Arizona’s south.
Jun. 6, 2019
Irineo Mujica, the head of the migrant aid group Pueblo Sin Fronteras, was arrested just across the Arizona border in Sonoyta, Sonora, on Wednesday afternoon.
Jun. 6, 2019
The late season surge comes after tomato duties and another 5-percent of threatened tariffs on all Mexican imports.
Jun. 3, 2019
Mexico-bound pickups weighed down by unwieldy piles of tools, furniture and appliances are a common sight on Arizona’s highways. It's a tough business, but many Sonorans have made a living for themselves buying used goods in Arizona and reselling them back home at vast open-air markets called tianguis.
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Jun. 3, 2019
The Tweet-delivered threat of tariffs on Mexican imports was especially worrying to the Nogales produce import industry.
May. 31, 2019
Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego met with a group of more than 20 business women from neighboring Sonora, Mexico this week. They were in Phoenix to build networks and strengthen cross-border business ties.
May. 30, 2019
President Donald Trump’s threatened tariffs against Mexican imports quickly drew sharp criticism from some Arizona business leaders.
May. 30, 2019