Jorge Valencia

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Title Author(s) Publication Date
134 Migrants Found In Locked Tractor Trailer In Mexico Jorge Valencia June 28, 2019
Reducing Migrants A Tough Assignment For Mexico, Report Says Jorge Valencia June 27, 2019
Mexican Airline To Help Return Central American Migrants Jorge Valencia June 21, 2019
In Mexico, Exporters Already Adjusting To Threats of U.S. Tariffs Jorge Valencia June 7, 2019
U.S.-Mexico To Continue Trade, Immigration Talks Thursday Jorge Valencia, Steve Goldstein, Lauren Gilger June 5, 2019
From Both Sides of US-Mexico Border, An Attempt To Stop Trump’s Tariffs Jorge Valencia June 4, 2019
Mexico Aims To Stop Trump's Tariffs Over Immigration Jorge Valencia, Lauren Gilger June 3, 2019
Loud Mexico City: Exploring The Sounds And Noise Jorge Valencia, Rodrigo Cervantes May 29, 2019
Mexico City Closes Schools, Restricts Traffic As Air Pollution Spikes Jorge Valencia May 17, 2019
Child Migrant Dies In Mexican Immigration Custody Jorge Valencia May 17, 2019
900 Migrants Flee From Mexican Detention Center Jorge Valencia May 14, 2019
Asylum Seekers Returned To Mexico Under Controversial Plan Jorge Valencia May 14, 2019
Mexico’s President Wants To Decriminalize Illegal Drugs — But Which? Jorge Valencia May 13, 2019
Mexico Wants To Reinvent U.S. Merida Aid Program Jorge Valencia, Lauren Gilger
Associated Press
May 8, 2019
Crossing Mexico: The New Barrier For U.S.-Bound Migrants Jorge Valencia May 1, 2019
Mexico Says 300K U.S.-Bound Migrants Entered The Country In First 3 Months Of 2019 Jorge Valencia April 23, 2019
Mexican Authorities Attempting To Slow Flow Of Migrants Jorge Valencia, Steve Goldstein April 12, 2019
Mexican Officials Stopping Migrants From Heading North Steve Goldstein, Jorge Valencia April 10, 2019
A Fatal Cross-Border Shooting Inspires Artist Jorge Valencia April 10, 2019
Turning Cactus Into Biodegradable Plastic Jorge Valencia March 31, 2019
Report: New NAFTA Would Boost Arizona Industry Jorge Valencia March 25, 2019
Mexico Apologizes For Death Of 2 Students Jorge Valencia March 23, 2019
Will Mexico's National Guard Dissuade Crime? Jorge Valencia March 15, 2019
Mexico Closes 5 Immigrant Detention Centers Jorge Valencia March 6, 2019
U.S. Negotiating Steel Tariffs Jorge Valencia March 4, 2019