Jorge Valencia

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Title Author(s) Publication Date
Nonprofit Offers Loans For Citizenship Forms Jorge Valencia May 23, 2018
Trump Was The Fifth Contender In Mexico’s Presidential Debate Jorge Valencia May 21, 2018
Nearly 100 Politicians In Small-Town Mexico Murdered Since September Jorge Valencia May 18, 2018
NAFTA Delay Brings Anxiety For Arizona Importers Jorge Valencia May 17, 2018
Falling Mexican Peso Reflects Impact Of NAFTA Talks Jorge Valencia May 9, 2018
AZTown Hall Calls For Legal Collaboration With Mexico Jorge Valencia May 1, 2018
Mexico’s Supreme Court To Hear Sonora Acid Spill Cases Jorge Valencia April 28, 2018
Arizona-Mexico Town Hall Tackles Bilateral Trade Issues Jorge Valencia April 26, 2018
Rocky Point Port Could Be Completed In Public-Private Partnership Jorge Valencia April 24, 2018
Hospitals In Tucson, SW Working To Lure Patients From Mexico Jorge Valencia April 20, 2018
AZ Supreme Court Blocks In-State Tuition For 'DREAMers' Jorge Valencia April 9, 2018
Mexico’s Presidential Hopefuls Find Common Rival Jorge Valencia April 6, 2018
Honduran Migrants May Seek Asylum At AZ Border Jorge Valencia April 4, 2018
From Earthquake-Prone Mexico, A Disaster Alert Start-Up Seeks To Serve America’s West Jorge Valencia March 30, 2018
Trump Administration Closer To Striking Deal For North America Car Manufacturing Jorge Valencia March 26, 2018
Report: Almost 2,000 Attacks On Journalists Under Mexico's Current President Jorge Valencia March 26, 2018
U.S. Government Bans Employees From Parts of Mexico’s Caribbean Coast Jorge Valencia March 26, 2018
From Phoenix to Guadalajara, Two Artists And Two Experiences Jorge Valencia March 26, 2018
Trump’s Steel Tariffs Plan Becomes Bargaining Chip In NAFTA Talks Steve Goldstein, Jorge Valencia March 6, 2018
Unions Want Mexico To Push For Migrant Workers’ Rights In U.S. Jorge Valencia March 26, 2018
For American Children Of Mexican Immigrants, A Battle To Get Documented In Mexico Jorge Valencia March 26, 2018
Arizona, Sonora Organize Cross-Border Business Forum Jorge Valencia March 26, 2018
Looking North, Looking South: DREAMers Not Waiting On Congress Matthew Casey, Jorge Valencia March 26, 2018
U.S. Trade Deficit With Mexico Increases 10 Percent Jorge Valencia March 26, 2018
Rex Tillerson And His Canadian, Mexican Counterparts Strike Conciliatory Tone On NAFTA Jorge Valencia March 26, 2018